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Dementia.org is part of the Healthcare Brands' network of websites. Healthcare Brands provides consumers with easy-to-find and easy-to-understand health information. We work closely with the top-most echelon of experts in their respective fields to acquire and curate articles from around the world that are current and evidence-based.

Our contributors come from prestigious academic institutions and professional organizations, and represent the best in research and applied practice. They are highly credentialed and experienced – whether in a hospital, university, doctor's office, or other professional setting or care facility.

They contribute to our websites in order to share their wisdom and knowledge, and to bring understanding of important health issues to our visitors. They share our mission of helping to improve everyone's physical and mental well-being.

Dementia.org is a focused, condition-specific resource that provides practical information for:

  • People who think they may be at risk for developing dementia
  • People with early stages of dementia
  • People who have not been diagnosed with dementia but want to reduce their risk
  • Friends and Family
  • Caregivers
  • Physicians and other health professionals
  • Licensed residential care-giving facilities

Dementia.org is not just another medical information website. We provide practical, actionable information and "real world" reviews of research to help anyone impacted by dementia in any of its forms. Having a one-stop trusted resource not only saves valuable time but also helps decrease the anxiety inherent in the situation.

For family, friends, and caregivers, various stages of dementia are outlined, each with tips on how to cope with challenges and behavioral issues. Those involved face incredible stress so Dementia.org makes sure that everyone has resources to manage their own stress and health in addition to those of the ones for which they care.

Dementia cannot yet be prevented or cured, but our goal is to make the journey as easy and understandable as possible.


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